Aquaponics 101

Aquaponics 101


Update on Aquaponics

We have been watering, watering, watering the plants.  At 100* almost every day, the plants need more than a sip of water; more like a deep drink.   We are moving along on the digging out of the fish pond.  Like I said before, it is slow going at 100*outside.  So, we work outside at 6:00am, as it is in the 70’s at that time, and come in at 11:00am.

We had our neighbor come over and move most of that mound of dirt with his tractor, or we might have never gotten it moved this year.  To us that is progress. It may not seem like much, but we had a tree fall from the back lot and that had to be taken care of as well.  We called upon our neighbor, again, to take care of the tree as he has a chainsaw.  It sure is nice to have a neighbor that is younger with skills and tools.

Within the next two weeks, or at least by the end of the month, if all goes well, the Fish Pond will be dug out and ready for the underlayment and the liner.  I think I have enough stone on hand from other gardening endeavors to use as needed in the Fish Pond.  Things are not pretty while they are being constructed. You have to see it finished, in your mind, and be flexible in case of problems.  This is where persistence is needed to get you to the finish line…

 A look from another angle with my Sheltie/Chow mix dog included.

Aquaponics 101
Aquaponics 101

“Keeping The Dream Alive”

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