ShearsEdge1202.com was designed to help people Save Money by learning to Dry Fruits and Vegetables so they will not waste food or money and have a good storage of food if there is financial hardship or food shortage caused by natural disasters or etc.

Dried food takes up less space and can be taken if the weather causes us to have to flee or evacuate our homes, the money supply is short, what money we have has to be used for shelter,  gas or clothes.  Children have to be fed and fed nutritious food.  It would be less stress on the family if you have everyone’s food covered!

Why not have large amounts of food that can be thrown into a gym bag and go.  Some fruits and vegetables you can eat right out of the pouch.  You can make trail mixes, roll-ups, etc. to feed your family without much stress or work.

The purpose of this blog is to try to help those on low budgets to at least have food for themselves and their families as well as helping  friends and strangers with their food needs. Everyone will not prepare for trouble.   We have to have food and water as we will not survive without it.

I want to not only give you information on how to dry, but recipes on how to fix trail mixes, roll-ups, stews, etc.  How to store, and how long your stored food will last.

Also, to relate information on how to find and buy low-cost equipment to reach your goal.  I hope you will let me know if this blog has helped you in any way.  If I cannot help you with a particular question and I am not able to get the information for you, hopefully I can send you to someone who can. Thank You for visiting my Blog.

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