Excalibur Considers Blueberries Fair  (Don’t Rehydrate Well as Far As Appearance, But Flavor is Fine).  Blueberries have a Tart Sweet Flavor Fresh, but are very Tasty When Dried as the Sugar Intensifies.  Blueberries  Should Be Tasty and Fresh Before Dehydrating with a Deep Blue Color.   Excalibur Says These Particular Brands of Blueberries are Best for Color and Dehydrating:  

  • Blueray
  • Rabbit Eye
  • Coville
  • Berkeley


1.  Remove the Stems and Wash Blueberries

2.  Do Not Slice The Blueberries…Leave Whole.  In a Colander Dip into Boiling Water for 15 to 30 Seconds.   “Checking The Skins” Opens The Skins Up So They Can Dry Faster.

3.  Dry at 135*F/57*C Until Leathery and Crisp.


I have dried Blueberries without “Checking” and they were fine.  It will take longer to dry if you Do Not “Check” them.  It takes about 11 Hours at 51-70% Humidity.  The Humidity Changes the Drying Time…More Humidity Longer Drying Time…Less Humidity Shorter Drying Time.   Also note that you can eat Dehydrated Blueberries Dehydrated or Throw Them into your Muffin or Cake Batter.  You can put them in Puddings, Waffles, Pancakes, Cobblers and Sauces.  I like to make Blueberry Jam.


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