Canning 101


It’s Time For The Grapes!  I am so happy when I get produce from the garden.  Everything seems to come in all at once and you either have to Give it away, let it Rot or Preserve it!  I prefer to Give it away or Preserve it.   I do a lot of Dehydrating, but I love to Can as well.  My husband loves Bread and Butter Pickles and Jelly…let’s just say…he loves food.

My Cucumbers were coming in by the boat-load…so I made Pickles yesterday and the Grapes are doing the same…so I made Jelly as well.   I had to use Sugar with the Bread and Butter Pickles as I was using a prepared mix, but I substituted Truvia for Sugar with the Jelly.  I had to use Pectin to thicken as the Stevia in the Truvia doesn’t thicken like Sugar does.  This is the Recipe for my Grape Jelly:

  • Wash and Check the Grapes for Stems and Bad Grapes
  • After Washing Put  Grapes in Large Stainless Steel Pot
  • 1/2 Cup of Water for Each Quart of Fruit
  • Cook in Large Pot until Soft (Med. Heat) 10 Minutes
  • Use Potato Masher to Mash to a Pulp
  • I Run Mixture Through a Large Stainless Steel Strainer
  • 3 Cups of Juice Retrieved
  • 2 3/4 Cups Sugar I use 1 1/2 Cups of Truvia
  • 4 Tsp. Pectin

Sanitize Area.  Sanitize Canning Jars and Lids in Canner for 5 Minutes.  Retrieve  Jars  and Lids from Canner after Sanitizing.  Mix:  Sugar or Truvia, and Pectin into Juice and Stir for 10 Minutes over Medium High Heat.  Juice should be getting a little thicker after cooking to a Rolling Boil for 10 Minutes or 220*F.

Use Funnel and Pour Hot Jelly into Half-Pint, Sanitized Jars.  Clean Jar Rims and Apply Sanitized Lids to Jar.  Finger Tighten by Using Fingertips to Tighten.  Using a Jar Holder, Place Jelly Jars into Boiling Water onto Canner Rack.   Make sure 1 inch of water is Covering Jars.  Place Lid on Canner and Let Jelly Jars Boil for 10 Minutes. Turn Off Heat and Let Cool 5 Minutes.  Remove Jelly Jars from Canner.

Do Not Retighten Jelly Jar Lids if Loose.  Cool For 12 Hours.  Check Seals.  Label and Store Jelly.  Mine is Delicious with a little Tartness to it.  I don’t like Foods too Sweet.  My Grapes were Sweet But Not Too Much.  If You Like Really Sweet Jelly, Add a Little More Sugar Than I Did.




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