When I don’t have a lot of time, I grab Mrs. Wages Quick Process Pickle Mix with all Natural Ingredients and make about 21 Pints or 7 Quarts of Bread and Butter Pickles.  I start out with sanitizing everything (work area, cutting board, countertops).  I get from my cucumbers from my garden and:

  • Fill a Canner (Big Pot with a Jar Lifter to Set Cans on inside Pot).
  • Place Canner 3/4 Full of Water so it will cover Pint or Quart Canning Jars by 1 Inch of Water.  Bring to a Boil on Medium Heat.
  • Wash Pint or Quart Canning Jars in Hot Soapy Water.  Rinse Jars and Lids before Placing into Hot Water in Canner to Sterilize Jars and Lids. Leave Jars and Lids 5 Minutes in Boiling Water in Canner.  Remove Sanitized Jars and Lids From Canner and Place on Clean Kitchen Towel.
  • Wash and Slice About 50 3-6 Inch Cucumbers into  1/4 inch Slices and Place Slices in a Plastic Bowl While Jars and Lids are Sanitizing.
  • You Can Buy Tools Boxed Together at Retail Stores Where Canning Equipment is Sold Such as: a Funnel, Jar Lifter, Magnetic Lid Lifter, Bubble Remover and etc., to make Canning Much Faster and Easier.
  • Mix 6 & 3/4 Cups of White Distilled Vinegar (5% Acidity) With 7 Cups of Sugar and 1 Pouch of Mrs. Wages Quick Process Pickle Mix.
  •  I Put Pickle Mix, Sugar, and Vinegar Into a Large, non-reactive,  Stainless Steel, Sauce Pot. I Bring Liquid to a Rolling Boil, Stirring Constantly Until Dissolved.
  •  Remove Liquid From Heat.
  • Pack Jars With Sliced Cucumbers Leaving 1/2 inch of Head Space.  I use The Funnel and it Automatically leaves 1/2 Inch of Head Space if I Fill to Bottom of Funnel.
  • I Pour Hot Vinegar Mixture into Funnel and Cucumber Packed Jars to Within 1/2 inch of Top  of Jar.  Remove Air Bubbles With Air Bubble Remover Tool.  Wipe Jar Rim Before Capping
  • Place Sterilized Jar Lids Onto Cucumber Packed, Hot Liquid-Filled Jars as Jars are Filled.  Finger Tighten Lids Onto Jars With Tips of Fingers.
  • Using a Jar Lifter, Place Cucumber, Hot Liquid-Filled, Finger-Tightened Jars, Into Canner with Boiling Water Making Sure To Have 1 inch Water Coverage Over Jar.
  •  Boil Jars 10 Minutes for Pints and 15 Minutes For Quarts.  Turn Off Heat and Let Jars Sit For 5 Minutes in Canner.
  •  Remove Jars From Canner.  Let Sit at Room Temperature for 12 to 24 Hours.  Test Jars For Air Tight Seals According to Manufacturers Directions.  
  • If Jars Do Not Completely Seal, Refrigerate and Consume Within One Week.
  • Bread and Butter Pickles are Ready to Eat After 24 Hours.

Use Within One Year and Store In a Cool Area.  My Husband Suggested Using The Box The Jars Came In To Keep Them Compact.  They Could Be Taken To A Vehicle Conveniently or Stacked In a Closet or Pantry.

“Happy Bread and Butter Pickle Canning”

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