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Called the Super Grain and also called the “Mother Seed” by the Incas; Quinoa pronounced  Keen-wah,  is also called “Vegetarian Caviar”.   Quinoa is not really a grain.  Quinoa is a Grass Plant with Edible Seeds and Leaves served like spinach.  Originally grown in The Andes, Quinoa Is also Grown in The United States at a High Elevation in the San Luis Valley, Colorado with Seeds of Bolivian Origin.  Quinoa Plants do best in Sandy, well-drained soils with a low nutrient content, moderate salinity, and a soil PH of 6 to 8.5.


  1. Serving Size is 2 Ounces Dry.
  2. Percent is Daily Value
  3. Cure For Anemia
  4. Copper Helps Banish Bone Loss:  Copper works with Your Body To Use Iron to Make Red Blood Cells and With Calcium to Keep Bones Strong.  Helps to Keep the Bones Strong After Menopause and Helps Prevent Restless Leg Syndrome.  Copper also is part of an Enzyme, Lysyl Oxidase, That Helps The Body Make Collagen, The Fiber That Gives Structure to Strong Bones.
  5. Has a Blend of Amino Acids
  6. Has 8 Grams of Protein in a 2-Ounce Serving and is a Complete Protein.
  7. Has Lysine:  An Essential Amino Acid.
  8. Gluten Free
  9. Minerals:
    • Manganese 64%
    • Magnesium 30%
    • Iron 28%
    • Copper 22%
    • Phosphorus 22%
    • Fiber 14% 


Soak The Seeds to Rid Quinoa of a Natural Soapy Substance called (Saponin) to Keep Away Birds and Insects.  The Soapy Substance Rinsed From Quinoa is Used by The  People in Bolivia as a Shampoo To Wash Their Hair.

Cook Quinoa Quickly; About 15 Minutes.  Boil Two Cups of Water to One Cup of Seeds. When Quinoa Has Finished Cooking, It Is Considered Done, When You  See  a Little White Thread From Each Seed.

Quinoa Flour:   Grinding The Seeds In a Blender or Nut Grinder.  Ground Quinoa Flour Is Kept From Becoming Rancid By Storing In The Refrigerator.

Quinoa Variety:

  • Cook The Seeds
  • Buy as Cereal Flakes
  • Snack Bars
  • Add To Dry Pasta

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