Aquaponics 101

Aquaponics 101


Update on Aquaponics

We have been a little busy with four trips to Hospital.  Slowed us down a bit, but I will relate what we have gotten done so far.  Drain pipe is in with the footings done and curb wall almost done.  Drainage from footings working very well.  Drainage Pipe will be expanded with it being dug deeper and drainage pipe expanded further out from footings and covered with gravel.  

I didn’t get to show how drainage pipe was implemented in pictures.  It was dug down around slab to desired depth, formed up with two inches of crusher run gravel placed in dug out area, drainage pipe placed with holes up and just off-center, drainage pipe wrapped in fabric suited for that purpose to keep silt out, gravel placed on top of drainage pipe, plastic on top of the gravel and rebar on top of plastic, concrete poured on top of that for base for block…now laying block  with string line to keep straight and will fill block with concrete with rebar for a strong wall.  Then landscaping!

I will show more pictures as we go along.  Hope we don’t have more delays.

Aquaponics 101
Aquaponics 101

This is the back wall that is now finished.IMG_0913

Aquaponics 101
Aquaponics 101

This Is Where The Drainage Pipe, Which Goes All the Way Around The Slab, Drains on The Left Side As There is A Right Drainage Pipe Opening As Well.

Next week I hope to show more advancement.  More work is done on the wall now, but I have to get out there and take pictures.   You have to have patience to do a project like this.  Hard work goes into all of this.   It will look so good after we landscape…then onto looking into getting fish.


“Keeping The Dream Alive”


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