Aquaponics 101

Aquaponics 101


Update on Aquaponics

We have landscaped the right wall with 4′ high x 4′ wide red and white fragrant roses.  I had some Golden Yucca  babies from my mature Golden Yucca plant, and instead of buying new plants, utilized them in my landscape.  The Golden Yucca grows 4′ high x 4′ wide.  

I cannot plant anything on the left side, outside the wall, as that is the walkway. There is not enough room to have a walkway with patio stones and plants.  I had old patio stones from years ago that were not in use that I will use.  

The left wall has pots on the wall and a Barrel in front of the left wall with a Golden Yucca baby planted in it to match the right side front Golden Yucca baby.  The difference between the two walls is: the right wall has enough dirt to plant into the ground. The left wall does not have enough dirt to plant into the ground.  I am using pots on the left wall and a barrel in front of left wall to keep with the pot theme.  I used the barrel to plant the same type of plant on the left wall as I used on the right wall.

Today, my husband is shoveling dirt onto the walkway area where we will level, put down black gardening fabric, put down paver sand underneath (we had some on hand) put down pavers, and put gravel between the pavers.

The walkway is not completed yet and I will show that completed at a later date.   I have photos below to show what is completed so far.  The empty area in the pictures will be where the future fish and greenhouse is located.   We will have a small-scale affair as this is Aquaponics 101 and for our own use.

After watching the news this week, I see more and more reason to grow your own vegetables.


“Keeping The Dream Alive”

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