Aquaponics 101



Update on Progress of Aquaponics

My husband has finished the wall including mortaring  the  caps on top of the blocks.  He is now finishing the drainage lines on both sides.  He is digging down in the ground and attaching plastic pipe with holes in it, wrapped in white fabric to keep out sludge and dirt, then attaching a Y attachment to the pipes to direct both lines running into one so drainage occurs in one area instead of two.

Photos provided to show visually what I have related to make it more easily understood to those who are new to the project.  Next he will cover with dirt and gravel and done.  It is supposed to rain all day tomorrow and he will test the drain lines then.  With rain comes inside work finishing up the painting in my office.   Next, pictures will show finished landscaping, then on to start-up of Aquaphonics.

“Keeping The Dream Alive”


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