Aquaponics 101

Aquaponics 101


Update on Aquaponics

My husband has finished the left side walkway.  He also put a scratch-coat of cement on the outside of the left wall (first) as he wanted it to look more attractive.  He put black fabric down on the walkway area to keep the weeds out,  spread sand over the fabric, placed the pavers and spread Crusher Run Gravel over all and brushed off the pavers.

He will finish up the back wall by filling it in with the stacked soil taken out of the ground for the concrete slab.   Whatever soil he cannot pack into the back ditch behind the back wall, he will put in the garden area and spread as a top coat.  He has used that garden for 7 years and must now leave it dormant for seven years to rest and replenish itself.

 We will continue with the greenhouse Aquaponics for our garden this year.   He also wants to put a scratch-coat of cement on the inside walls. He plans to do that next week as it will be beautiful weather all week.  The right outside wall is hidden with plants and the back outside wall will be landscaped as well, so we do not need to scratch-coat those walls.

Only the left outside wall will not have enough room for plants and the scratch-coated wall makes the walkway appear more attractive.  It may seem slow getting this project  completed, but a lot of tedious work is involved.  We have had about four straight days of rain which slowed the work down as well.  The walkway serves three purposes:  it leads to the orchard, the burn pit and gives a nice, clean, attractive way of getting to both.

My dogs began using the walkway immediately.  It is a short-cut to the potty area above the orchard and the burn pit.  It will be a nice, short way to get to the orchard and gather the Peaches, Asian Pears and Plums.  This year all the fruit trees are loaded with fruit.   Instead of preserving the peaches we shared them with the neighbors.  This is the first year they have produced.  The Pears and Plums will be ready to harvest at the end of July and August.

Aquaponics 101
Aquaponics 101

“Life Is Good”

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