Aquaponics 101



Aquaponics Update

I am getting ready to landscape the back wall with Hydrangea, and Variegated Gardenia.  I want the back wall to be beautiful as well as fragrant.   I love the beauty and the various scents of flowers in summer.  As I work and sit at the Aquaponics site, I want to be at peace with the beauty and fragrance surrounding me.  I don’t know about the insects, but beauty and fragrance are good.  

I have a 4′ high x 4′ wide Gardenia I will move from another site, six 2′ high x 2′ wide Variegated Gardenia I need to move from pots to set out there in the ground.  I think they will be happy to get their little feet into soil that does not constrain them.  I have had them in pots for three years.  I want to prevent them from becoming root-bound.

The scratch coat  on the block wall will look better than the plain block when the scratch coat is completely dry.  Behind the back wall has been filled in with soil and is ready for my plants.  I am re-locating some  plants as well as purchasing two cream Hydrangea as book ends on each end of the wall with the Gardenia between the Hydrangea.

My Electrician is needed to provide power to the Aquaponics site.  The fish feces will give nutrients to the plants and the plants will give oxygen to the fish.    We will need a sump pump to pump the water from the fish to the plants.  I needed to get my husband’s projects out-of-the-way before I take care of procuring fish, a greenhouse and plants.  

My husband will use the extra soil as a top coat on the grass and as a fill-in of holes in the yard.  We love what we are doing…life is certainly not boring.  My dogs love everything as well with noses into flowers as they travel from place to place.  I think they love the beauty and fragrance of the flowers as well as we do.

“Keeping The Dream Alive”


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