Aquaponics 101

Aquaponics 101


Update on Aquaponics 101

Landscaping Prior to Setting Up Fish and Greenhouse

I am finally done with landscaping the Aquaponics 101 site walls.  On the back wall I added a Hydrangea on both sides of my transplanted Gardenia.  The Gardenia only blooms once at the beginning of summer so I decided it needed a little more color.    The Gardenia blooms are all white and very, very fragrant.  I needed more color so at each end of the wall I put pink 2′ x 2′  pink Hydrangea and placed a varied color, blue, pink and white 2′ x 2′  (pink now) on either side of the centered Gardenia.  

The Gardenia was transplanted from a site that had the Gardenia growing up against the house.  It will need shaping later in the fall.  It is too hot to do it now as I do not want to kill it.  I have to leave it looking a little unkempt at the moment.  I have a branch from the Asian Pear, so loaded down with Asian Pears, that interrupts the view of the transplanted Gardenia.  I couldn’t bear to cut the branch and waste all those Asian Pears, unless, the load on the limb compromised the trees health.  The loaded limb does not hurt the tree at the moment, so, I will leave a compromised visual…just so it is done…finished!

The next step is power to the site, containers for the fish, a sump pump, and well water from my well for the fish.  I cannot use chlorine water as it would kill the fish.  I am looking at a few greenhouses, but haven’t made up my mind on size or which one…I will update on that later.

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