Aquaponics 101


Update on Aquaponics

We have decided not to use containers for the fish…takes up too much plant space in the greenhouse area.  We are using an old pond that we built 26 years ago.  We had intended to use it for a herb garden as we had filled the pond with dirt for that purpose.  As we were debating just exactly what to do, and how to do everything for fish and plants, we decided to use the old pond by digging out some of the soil and use a liner to make a more natural place for the fish.   We may want to harvest the fish, and wild fish in a natural habitat is healthier than farm fish. 

We only have two hours to work on the pond in the mornings as it is too hot (100*) after that.  We don’t have that much more to do, but I am not digging out the soil from the pond, so, my husband may have something to say about that.  When it is 100* it seems like a long way to go even at a few feet.  

I had the electrician come out and he decided to wait on the pond and greenhouse power, due to concerns about placement and amount of voltage needed, until the plumber gets through with connecting everything.  I have to get the liner part done before the plumber can do his thing, or, we will be building a mosquito pit.  We know we don’t want that, so, we are back to the tedious part of our project…digging soil.  The main idea is to be flexible, because better ideas come as you  progress in the project.

The pond was built by my husband, myself, and our son 26 years ago.  We had a backhoe come out and dig a hole 18′ x 24′.  We formed and poured a concrete foundation for our block, which we laid and filled with concrete that we mixed ourselves.  We were much younger then and, though hard work, more able to handle the work load than at our age today.  The bottom of the pond was sitting on volcanic rock, so, we only fixed the sides.  We used a sealer over the block, insulated the outside block and used tar paper all around the outside.  It did very well for 26 years, but started breaking down and we decided to fill it with soil for a herb garden. The depth of the pond at one end was 9′ and the other end was 5′.  Our pond, with the liner, will only be about 5′ at both ends.

We had Blue Gill, Koi, Gold Fish, Small-mouth Bass, Catfish, Frogs and Snails in our pond.  We didn’t have a pump or filter as Ancharis, Water Lilies, the lava rock on the bottom, and well water, somehow worked all those years.  We started out with a pump, but it broke down and nothing negative happened, so we left it alone and natural…a lot less noise.  The pond stayed clear and healthy…frogs and snails kept coming.

“Keeping The Dream Alive!”

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