Gardening: Fruits And Vegetables 101

Gardening:  Fruits and Vegetables 101


“The Pear Tree, The Rabbit, and The Squirrel”

I looked out of my kitchen window and I beheld a rabbit, on its’ hind legs, stretched out, holding an Asian Pear with its’ front paws, eating the Asian Pear.  The tree branch was so loaded-down with Asian Pears that the branch was in an arc touching the ground.

After being amazed at the sight of the rabbit on its’ hind legs, holding and eating an Asian Pear that is not supposed to be ripe yet; I studied the equation and determined, something is not quite right with this picture,

My Asian Pears are on semi-dwarf rootstock for one thing, and two, they are not supposed to be ripe.  Asian Pears usually ripen at the end of the month of August thru September, in my neck-of-the-woods, so-to-speak.  I thought maybe as they are smaller, they ripened faster.  We checked the Asian Pears for ripeness, and they are green…go figure.  Do rabbits like green Asian Pears?  And, to beat-all, there was a squirrel beneath the Asian Pear tree, eating Asian Pears that had fallen to the ground from the wind knocking them off the tree, or, birds landing in and out of the trees.

Now, I grew up on a farm, and I have never seen, or, been presented with this visual.  I wanted to get a photo of this delightful scene, but could not get a clear picture as it was too distant.  I thought about going outside to the back yard, but there were too many dogs, and the rabbit and the squirrel would run, or, Rom (the top dog) would be alerted to their presence and try to catch them and put them to rest permanently.  I so enjoyed the creatures unusual demeanor.  Since I did not want to endanger their safety; I will try to figure out how to capture the picture if I am ever presented with this visual again!

I have experienced all kinds of scenarios when gardening.  Many delightful episodes of nature’s many facets, but this was a new experience for me.  I wish I could have snapped a photo to share with everyone, but maybe next time.  I so enjoy gardening and after this experience, I enjoy it even more!  This is the first year my Asian Pears have produced so much fruit…I feel I can share with neighbors, including, rabbits and squirrels!

“Fruit Taste Better Shared With Friends”

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