On All Health Issues

I wanted to update everyone on where we are with health issues such as Leukemia’s, Heart, Kidney’s, Diabetes II and Strokes:

Leukemia’s of CLL and CML are in remission.  in March 2020, we eliminated a drop of Myrrh due to a brush with, I believe, Covid-19.  I eliminated one drop to help the immune system fight off the Covid-19 as I needed the White Cells.  I did not have a lab to be able to tell me if the Immune System was getting too low, so I made a judgement call.  

When I checked his BCR ABL1 later he had gone from 7.6% up to 20%.  So we added his drop of Myrrh back in.  We checked his BCR ABL1  later and he had come down to 13%.  We will do another BCR ABL1 check in November 2020.

We did not take my family member to the Hospital as there was not much knowledge about Covid-19 at that time.  I was listening to the news on what was being used to fight it and at the time,  the drug of choice was Vitamin C and Zinc. The dosage has to be figured out by each person as everyone’s chemistry is different.  We used 2000 mg every 4 hours, 4 times a day (he is 5’10”, 237 lbs.)  His multivitamin had 100% of his daily Zinc needs, so I just went with that dosage.  I added in a Zinc lozenge later, just-in-case.  

Seemed to last about 3 days with coughing stopping 15 minutes after Vitamin C being taken.  I also used my quart of filtered water with 12 drops of lemon with 2 drops of Oregano and 4 drops of Thyme with Stevia to taste.  Lemon cleans the Lymphatic System, Oxygenates the blood,  Breaks up Phlegm in the lungs, and has the action of Expelling Phlegm, up and out, from the lungs.

I have to be alert to Covid-19 causing problems with the Heart, Kidney’s, Circulatory System, Brain, and Diabetes II.  It would seem that when Covid-19 hits, the virus replicates so fast that the body panics and floods the systems with inflammation.  I use Turmeric and Ginkgo Leaf from Gaia Herbs Brand (known for potency and purity) to overcome inflammation.  Both Turmeric and Ginkgo Leaf pass through the blood-brain barrier to protect the brain from inflammation.  They both are anti-coagulants, anti-platelets (better than asprin).

It would seem two avenues of entry have been discovered, first: Cytokinins and Brandykinins.  The Cytokinins seem to inflame the Respiratory System, Diabetes, and Heart, whereas, the blood clots and strokes seem to come from Brandykinins inflaming the Circulatory System, Brain, then the Respiratory System with a glue-like Phlegm.  I think my family member had a touch of both entry ways.  In March 2020 it just seemed to hit his Respiratory System, (but not glue-like), but in July it seemed to return with the glue-like Phlegm.  The Bradykinins entry way seem to target young people, for some reason, causing the Blood Clots and Brain Inflammation. 

I have already listed what I do for the Leukemia’s, Heart, Kidney’s, Brain, Diabetes II, and Strokes in previous posts.  I am still using the same products and dosages, except, I added Ginkgo Leaf as it fights cancer, is Anti-inflammatory, Anti-coagulant to not only fight Covid-19 when engaged, but other problems.  I challenge everyone to research Ginkgo Leaf and its attributes.

Remember to always check with your doctor before taking anything.  Your chemistry may be different and you may be allergic.  Always work with your doctor.  I always let all of our doctors know what we are doing and also ask their advice on many other areas.  

I Hope I Helped Someone Today…

Life Is Good!


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