Preparing The Peaches To Dehydrate:

  • Both Clingstone and Freestone Peaches Can Be Used (Freestone=Remove Pitt With Ease.  Clingstone a Little Harder To Remove).
  • Large, Firm, Red White or Yellow Peaches Can Be Used.
  • Avoid Green or Immature Peaches as They Produce a Poor Dried Fruit.
  • Wash Peaches Throughly.
  • To Remove Skins, Dip in Boiling Water For About A Minute or 30 Sec. Depending on How Ripe Fruit is, Then Into Cold Water.
  •  Remove Skins and Pits.
  • Remove Bruises and Cut Into 1/4″ Slices.
  • Dehydrate at 135*F/57C Until Leather-Like.


Use Dried or Rehydrated Peaches in Cookies, Cakes, Breads, Upside Down Cakes, Puddings or as Toppings Over Ice Cream.

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