Gardening Flowering Plants 101

Gardening Flowering Plants 101


I usually go to  a big box store to buy my flowers to put into my planters out front of my office.  I try to get a drought resistant flower as I live in an area that has really hot, dry summers. I usually try to get Moss Rose or the proper name of Portulaca.  It is a flower that is tolerant to dry areas and has a trailing habit…just beautiful.  I could not find it so I got its cousin Purslane.  I loved it this summer as it trailed down the front of the planter full of blooms with sunshine splashing from bloom to bloom…I love to sit and enjoy its beauty…so restful to the soul.

Gardening Flowers 101

I subscribe to Mother Earth News and I saw an advertisement for a book called The Wild Wisdom of Weeds by Katrina Blair, 13 Essential Plants for Human Survival. Now, I watch the news a bit and what I see troubles me; the way some people are acting, gives me some doubt as to our survival on this planet.  So I thought just maybe I might need to eat a weed or two if there was a food shortage at some point.  It might be a good idea to find out which weed is edible.  Guess What?  Yep, Purslane was on the list. Here are some of the benefits…haven’t tried it yet, though I intend to as soon as I can get my nerve up to cut those beautiful blooms.  Then I have to determine if it taste good…I’ll get back to you on that one!  Here Goes The Benefits:


  • Provides Vitamin C
  • Reduces Impurities
  • Reduces Fever
  • Destroys Parasites
  • Antibacterial
  • Anti-inflammatory

Can you believe it?  Purslane used in medicine is similar to the Aloe Vera Plant. Purslane is a succulent that helps hydrate the skin, heal burns, sun sensitivities, cuts, and any skin irritations.  The raw fresh juice of Purslane can be squeezed directly on wounds and sunburns.  Purslane is cooling and makes a poultice for inflammations and swelling from injuries.

In addition to Purslane being used as an external poultice, healing will proceed much quicker when taken internally as well.  Make a juice from the leaves and stems in a blender diluted with water and sweetened with apple.  Purslane is a rich source of mineralized water. Purslane can be the base of smoothies or gazpacho soup to help with its medicinal qualities such as:

  • High in vitamin C levels making it valuable for preventing the common cold, sinus infections, bronchitis, and clearing lung congestion.
  • Purslane is a great overall tonic to strengthen the immune system.
  • In Medical texts, Purslane is documented as healing stomach ulcers, dysentery and infections of the skin. 
  • Consumed as fresh juice, Purslane tones the bladder and the prostate and is beneficial for helping heal dry coughs, shortness of breath, and for quenching severe thirst.
  • Vitamin E: is abundant in Purslane. Vitamin E is needed for healthy skin, nails, teeth and Hair.  A handful juiced or in a salad is the amount recommended per day.
  • Vitamin A: Purslane is exceptionally high in Vitamin A, which is a powerful Antioxidant and particularly  beneficial for improving Vision, strengthening the capacity of the lungs, and oral health.  Purslane contains more Vitamin A than most dark greens.
  • Purslane  also supports the body in producing significant amounts of glutathione and superoxide dismutase. Both of these compounds slow down the aging  process by maintaining healthy elasticity of the cells, eliminating toxins and free radicals.
  • Purslane mashed into a cooling compress alleviates headaches, gout symptoms by reducing swelling and pain, and when taken internally in the form of juice, lessens the cramps of muscles and moon cycles.
  • Purslane chewed eases teeth sensitivities as well as helps tighten loose teeth and receding gums. In a moment of need Purslane will stop bleeding and internal hemorrhaging.
  • Purslane is a rich source of Melatonin, a hormone that our bodies manufacture and contains ten to twenty times more than most vegetables.  Melatonin helps regulate our bodily rhythms such as sleeping patterns and seasonal regeneration. Melatonin in Purslane supports our body’s ability to recover from traveling and fast-paced lifestyles.



4 Cups Purslane

1 Tablespoon Salt

Follow the traditional sauerkraut recipe but using Purslane instead of cabbage.  This kraut makes an unusual slimy textured ferment.  The flavor and nutrition are off the chart in benefits.  The texture is similar to many traditional Japanese dishes such as natto. 

Katrina Blair has many other recipes made from Purslane such as: Pickled Purslane, Purslane Sunny Crackers, Walnut Purslane Coleslaw, Purslane Peach Pie, Purslane Lime Sorbet, Purslane Gazpacho, Purslane Lemon Elixir, Purslane Shampoo, Purslane Lotion.

 She has other weed plants that are common to all of us.  I loved the book and recommend it to anyone who would like to have more knowledge about their weeds.  If I cannot get to the store and I need shampoo and lotion, I’ll make my own in the meantime.  The book was well worth the price of $29.95 to me and will stay in my library.

“Happy, Happy Knowing About Your Weeds”

“Katrina Blair Has Weed Recipes Using Thistle, Plantain, Mustard, Mallow, Lambsquarter, Knotweed, Grass, Dock, Dandelion, Clover, Chickweed, Amaranth”

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