Yogurt and Halo Tangerines

“Make Sure Probiotics Are Included In Your Yogurt”

“Read The Labels”

The Recipe for Diabetes is knowing what snacks to add to your meal.   You add Yogurt and you get the benefit of Probiotics.  The serving size in the picture is the right size for an average adult with diabetes.  The Halo Tangerine is good for Vitamin C and Tangerines lower your blood pressure, according to multiple news articles, as well as is the right size snack for people trying to keep their blood sugar down.  These two champions have been a God-send to me, as well as my husband.  They satisfy as a dessert.

The Halo Tangerine and the small Yogurt would be an excellent snack to throw into your child’s lunch box for school; especially, during cold and flu season.  The Probiotics help with the second immune system in the digestive tract as well as keeping the child regulated with good bacteria in the gut.

Probiotics and Vitamin C work well together to  help stop ear infections and sinus infections as well as bladder infections with lots of water included. If given antibiotics, Yogurt with Probiotics is especially important to put back the good bacteria in the digestive system as antibiotics kill the good bacteria in the gut area.

Bread or starches are the recipe of danger to diabetics.  I am allowed two slices of bread per day as well as a cup of oatmeal…that is all.  All pasta, has been reduced to a 1/2 cup with tomato sauce, several meatballs and cheese is ok.  The Yogurt and the Halo would round out the meal with a feeling of satisfaction. The cup of pasta would have to substitute for the bread…leave the two slices of bread off and trade for the 1/2 cup of pasta.  Yogurt with berries is ok as well.  I hope I helped someone struggling with what to substitute for desserts.

“Whatever Life Hands You, Good or Bad, Find Something To Enjoy In The Process”

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