Dehydrating 101

Dehydrating 101


Dehydrating Pears

I had a few medical issues with my husband, so, its been a while since I blogged.  In the midst of everything, my Asian Pears ripened,  I gave most of them away as I was pretty busy caring for my husband.  I retained enough Asian Pears to Dehydrate two trays.

Before we picked them they were without water for two weeks, except for rain, which made them a little less desirable to dehydrate.   I do love to dehydrate, so, I sliced about ten Pears. The preparation for dehydrating Pears is as follows:

  • I Sanitize the Preparation Area Carefully, using a lysol  wipe for counter tops, but use plain old soap and water for cutting boards and trays.  I do not use antibacterial cleaners of any kind.  Science has determined good ole soap and water cleans just as well or better.
  •  A Late Fall Pear is Excellent for Dehydrating.  My Asian Pears ripen in the fall timeline.  I core and slice into 1/4 inch slices and place upon the Dehydrating Trays in the order I prefer.
  •  I Dry in The Dehydrator at 135*F until they become easy to bend (pliable) .  Use as toppings for ice-cream, in breads, straight out of the pack on trips, or if disaster happens, take with you as they are light and easy to carry.  Also, they are in sealed bags and if water problems occur, the water cannot  penetrate into the food.


Asian Pears
Dehydrating Asian Pears

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