Health & Healing 101

Health & Healing 101





What exactly is Gout or (Uric Acid)?  If you ask a Diabetic, they will probably be able to instruct you in the finer points of Gout. I have never had it, but have seen enough of the suffering of other people to know, I don’t want it!  Let’s take a look at what causes Gout and the helps to prevent and to cure it:

  1.  What causes Gout?  Eating acidic foods like Medications, Grains, Sugars, (which include drinks) large amounts of Protein from Beef, Pork, with large amounts of Chicken, Turkey, Lamb. Game meats, Organ meats  and all kinds of Seafood.   Fish (Wild caught Alaskan Cod) doesn’t seem to qualify for my husband as he finds that fish (Wild caught Alaskan Cod) is about all the meat he can eat when in the throes  of Gout.
  2. How to Prevent Gout:  use small portions of the above items with lots of vegetables (Alkaline to balance Acids) and drink plenty of good, clean water to flush the Kidneys as Uric Acid, caused by too much Acid in the body is horrible on the Kidneys.  Gotta have those Kidneys to live folks, so take care to stay PH balanced!
  3. Help to Cure Gout:  The medicine Allopurinol and Natural Cherries (4 dried and 6 fresh is all my husband needs. He is Diabetic and stands at 5’11”, 235 lbs.) Fresh or dried, both work.  If Diabetic, keep the Cherry portions small. My husband has used both Allopurinol and Cherries, both work.  Cherries seem to take about 15 minutes to alleviate the pain, especially Black cherries.  The swelling and redness seem to take a little longer.

The best way to stay out of Gout trouble is, eat lots of Vegetables and drink plenty of Clean Water with very little portions of everything else.  Those Kidneys are very important to life and a lot of people do not seem to understand the PH in the body and eat accordingly.  Getting dehydrated can damage  the Kidneys as well as too much acid.  Keep Hydrated…no matter what season it is.

 Always check with your doctor before making any changes to your diet or medications. Always ask your doctor’s advice before doing anything!  I do, as I don’t know everything…I take a list of what I am doing and planning on doing.  He/she goes over it and lets me know if I am going right or wrong on some things.   Doctors have been educated in Medicine and they work with all kinds of people and see more health problems than I do.  Everyone is different and the same thing may not work on everyone alike.  Your doctor may have to tweak  medications and food to fit your body’s specifications to arrest Gout.

“Hope I Helped Someone Today”

“Watch Your PH and Keep It Balanced”


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