Essential Oils 101




I had learned a little about The Lemon a few years ago.  The main Chemical Compound is D-Limonene, Beta Pinene, Gamma-terpinene; of the Chemical family of Monoterpene.   Your doctor should know that little bit of information when you talk to him/her.  I have learned so much more, like:

  • Lemon Oxygenates the Blood
  • Cleans the Lymphatic System 
  • Excellent for reflux
  • Excellent for the Respiratory System
  • Excellent Household Cleaner

I am so pleased with my findings on this particular Essential Oil.  In the near future, I will expand upon my usage of this Essential Oil.  I added it to my medicine cabinet with my Lavender.  Only buy Certified Organic Essential Oils.  Always mix Lemon with a Carrier Oil like Olive or Coconut to apply to the skin.  Keep away from the face. You can clean the air by using a diffuser.  Always do a test area (Lemon + a Carrier Oil) before applying liberally to the skin to check for sensitivity.  Always work in conjunction with your doctor.


“Hope This Information Helped Someone Today”

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