Health & Healing 101

Health & Healing 101


CLL & CML Cancer



Even in dark seasons, I find life interesting.  I awoke at 3:00 AM with the question, “What is the difference between Heme and Non-Heme Iron?”   Forget about going back to sleep with a question like that.  So, I grabbed my smart phone and began to Google.  I will tell you what I found in my search:

  1.  Heme Iron is Iron derived from Fish and Animals. Heme Iron is the most available Iron to the body, in the case of Cancer, it can also feed the Cancer if one has Iron levels above normal.
  2. Non-Heme Iron is Iron derived from Fruits and Vegetables or an Iron Pan.  This type of Iron, at normal levels, does not feed Cancer.
  3. All Iron can be blocked from assimilation in the body if Calcium is present when an Iron supplement is taken.  I make sure that when a (Non-Heme) Iron Supplement is taken, Yogurt or Dairy is not present with the Iron Supplement.   

What amazed me was the Cancer Drugs,  Sprycil and Tasigna; both caused Anemia as a side effect.  What amazed me even more, the doctor never mentioned anything about fixing the Anemia or even discussed the problem.  

As I researched Iron, I began to understand why, but (Non-Heme) Iron, at normal levels, in all my research, seemed to be ok.  Why not at least discuss the problem?  Further research mentioned that the Heart has to work twice as hard when one is Anemic.  One has to deal with the Cancer, the Anemia, then the Over Working problems of the Heart. 

In the mean time, I purchased Raw Iron Capsules (Non-Heme) Garden of Life Brand, and cook from an Iron Pan (Non-Heme) to get to Normal Levels of Iron.  I will remove the (Non-Heme) Iron Supplementation and the Iron Pan cooking (Non-Heme) as well as Chicken Livers (Heme) Iron when normal Iron levels are reached.  I never use Beef, even grass Fed Beef.  The Iron (Heme) in Beef assimilates faster and is too risky to try.

When a Blood Draw is needed, I use Chicken Livers and Raisins to quickly get the blood Iron as close to normal levels as possible.   I make sure  not to use Calcium products as the Iron will bind to the Calcium and the Iron will not assimilate into the body.

In all my research, an Over abundance of Iron seems to feed the Cancer and (Heme) Iron more than (Non-Heme) Iron.   I do not want an over abundance of either.  I aim for the normal levels so as not to Over Work the Heart or feed the Cancer.  So far we have not gotten to normal as Cancer Drugs and Blood Draws keep the Iron too low or  slightly low.

I had no idea one had to think about all of this.  Talk about stress…The doctor doesn’t mention anything about all of this and I don’t have the knowledge beforehand.  The last time I checked, One does need a Heart and an Over Worked Heart is not a good thing.  Now I am going to have to research that subject!

 I wanted to research the number 9 DNA and the number 22 DNA that had a piece break off of each number, attach to each other, and what causes that?  No one seems to have acquired that information as that is what brings about CML.

I love to work puzzles, but I am at a disadvantage with all of this as I just research without pre-education on  the subject.  I found a respected course on DNA that I want to take and maybe figure out some of this puzzle.  The Cancer drugs have horrible side effects…can lower Potassium and Magnesium, and cause Swelling and Bleeding.  I have to watch everything…scary to say the least.  Maybe as we travel this valley, someone else can be helped by our findings.  

I write to alert whomever, that may go through the same dark valley,  to some of the problems to watch out for.  We also know each person’s Chemistry is different and what works for us may not work for others, but we may point you in a direction that may help you to win in some circumstances.  One has to research and trust your doctor. Just make sure you have a good doctor that cares about you and not in love with his/her drugs! 

One has to ask questions and keep asking questions then research for more information.  We have many other Health Issues involved.  If we are not careful, we could have a domino effect with one issue affecting another, then another.  I just have to pray for wisdom,  knowledge, and understanding.  The question seems to be, with each new circumstance, what do we do now?


“Life Is Good” 

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