Health & Healing 101

Health & Healing 101






This journey has been surprisingly informative as we immersed ourselves in the research of CML.  My family member was already taking Turmeric for his Kidney’s, just the regular dose on the bottle.  Turmeric had improved the Kidney’s filtering from 37 to 47 even though the medical field says you can’t improve, just don’t let the filtering go down to 32 as it’s dialysis territory.  So, when my family member was diagnosed with CML I started researching Turmeric and I will list some of my findings: 

  • Turmeric works best for us in conjunction with a Cancer Drug in lower dosages with Turmeric in higher dosages.  We had to find my family members dosage by going up 1 capsule, 5 times a day with every blood draw that the WBC’s (white blood cells) were rising, until WBC’s began to lower.
  • Turmeric does not fix the Anemia caused by the Cancer Drug and CML, and the Iron  does need to be helped to get to normal or the Anemia will overwork and enlarge the heart.
  • Turmeric even though it does not fix Anemia, does help the Cardiovascular System.  Non-Heme Iron is best (Raisins) with Heme Iron (Chicken Livers) when blood is drawn.  Then we would go back to Non-Heme Iron so as not to feed the cancer as Heme Iron, in above normal numbers, will do so.
  • Turmeric does help with the Potassium levels, and Magnesium works together with the Turmeric to control inflammation.  I Googled and researched  to see if Turmeric increased the level of Magnesium and could not find anything except that it works with Turmeric.  One does need to address the problem of the Cancer Drugs depleting Magnesium as it also affects the heart.  Bananas and Magnesium L-Threonate is what I used to keep levels at normal.
  • Turmeric does not help the Electrical interference of the heart that the Cancer Drugs cause…but one does need to address this problem or death could occur.  If you take out the heart and cure the cancer, it is moot point.
  • Turmeric does help fight the Leukemia’s as it has a Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor in it as do the Cancer Drugs Sprycil and Tasigna, but without the side effects of the Cancer Drugs.  
  • Turmeric does help keep the platelets from sticking together better than Aspirin.  WBC’s cause the blood to thicken and Vitamin C, Cod Liver Oil, Ginger, Cinnamon, plus the effect of the Turmeric (Are Blood Thinners) takes care of that for us as well as Post Stroke healing, PTSD healing, Cholesterol improvement, Kidney’s improvement, Age related problems like the Joint’s and also helped with protection from the side effects of the Cancer Drug’s, in some respects.

My family member may have acquired so many health issues, that Turmerics’ health benefits are spread so thin, that he has to have the help of the Cancer Drug to manage the WBC’s. The WBC”s start rising if any grains (yes, even organic) or processed sugars are eaten.  The Cancer drugs help with keeping the WBC’s down as well as improving the BCR ABL1 numbers.

Grains and Processed sugar should be eliminated from the diet totally, but once in a blue moon, so to speak, with the Cancer Drug and Turmeric, it seems to handle that problem as long as over-eating  is contained.  My family members’ blood sugar was just checked and he was down from 7.8 A1C,  7.4 A1C to 6.2 A1C .  A proper diet of elimination of grains, processed sugars, eating organic foods with mostly Wild Caught Alaskan Cod and Salmon, as well as organic salads and vegetables brought his blood sugar numbers down.

My family member is only allowed Murrays’ Ginger cookies (Ginger is a 1st cousin to Turmeric) and 2 slices of Ezekiel Bread per day.  If it bothers his WBC numbers, it is eliminated…so far, so good.  Ezekiel Bread is bread made from sprouted grains.  Still watching closely on that subject.  The sprouted grains may make the difference.  The family member cannot have grains unless a Cancer Drug is used along with the Turmeric.

If there are no Cancer Drugs available, I have used Turmeric capsules, 5 x a day with Myrrh (1-2 drops) in a Tablespoon with Apple Cider Vinegar, Unfiltered, with the Mother in it to help dissolve the Myrrh resin and help alkalinize the body, as Cancer loves an acidic environment.  I have had good results with that scenario, but if possible, get the Cancer Drug as integrated medicine is best, in my opinion.  

I had acquaintances  that had their insurance benefits run out and they could not afford the Cancer Drugs even though they went through the financial process, but owned their house and vehicles and had to do without as they fell through the cracks of the financial help system.  Being Homeless and without transportation would not work for the rest of the family that were already devastated by the health effects and prognostication of the family members Cancer.

Turmeric and Myrrh will not work unless the diet is changed to almost total fish, fruits and vegetables, (Wild caught fish (we used Cod and Salmon) and organic fruits and vegetables).  It is so hard to get a family member not to eat grains of one sort or another that the stress level is enormous.   In order to acquire the Cancer Drugs needed, the Cancer Patient has a possibility financially, of being homeless and without transportation to get the financial help needed to acquire the Cancer Drugs.   If there is no financial support to get the needed help it can be a horrifying scenario!

I thank God every day for His Good Provision in our circumstances, but I was out there briefly and I was terrified for a short season.  I depended upon Turmeric, Myrrh and Prayer.  Everyone will have to figure out what to do and what can be done.  Try every avenue of financial help available.  Try working with a doctor both Medical/Alternative, but do not go along with nonsense scenarios, try to do what you can to recover with the help of doctors, (Medical/Alternative) good research, prayer and common sense.

I hope I helped point someone in the right direction as what works for us may not work for you as everyone’s chemistry is different.  Research for yourself as much as possible. Find a good doctor (preferably Medical/Alternative) and work with him/her to help recover.  If you believe in prayer, get others to agree with you for healing in prayer.  If you don’t believe in prayer, then God Bless you anyway, but do get family and friends to support you.







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