Essential Oils

Essential Oils



Excited to present this herb,  ‘Ginger’ for your medicine cabinet as is a first cousin to Turmeric.  Anything related to Turmeric is of interest to me.  I will keep getting information out for everyone as soon as I can though there are plenty of websites out there with information of scientific value from the Gov sites to PubMed.

I will try to keep updated information on these herbs as more information is discovered.  Today, we will take a quick peek at Ginger by seeing how it Assists the Immune System with relief from:  

  • Heartburn, Flatulence, and other digestive issues
  • Nausea-Vomiting-Morning Sickness
  • Chemotherapy Side Effects
  • Respiratory Issues and Viral Infections
  • Weight Loss 
  • Blood Sugar Regulation
  • Blood Pressure Regulation
  • Protects the Brain from Injury from Strokes
  • Helps Protect and Heal Memory Post Stroke
  • Fights Most Cancers

I continue to glean as much information from reputable sources such as,,  as these are Medical/Alternative information sites.  I go to YouTube for Information on Herbs, Essential Oils and Scientific Studies from Dr. Richard L Becker, (Your Health) is a Medical/Alternative doctor as well.  Dr Becker is a Cancer survivor and is still in remission to this day.  

Dr Richard L. Becker is the first Medical/Alternative doctor I came across that I kept finding more and more information that helped me with my family members health issues.  He has Medical/Alternative Doctors from other fields of medicine that he interviews…Very Interesting!  I also listen to Doug as he is more into the Chemistry end of things.  And, Mother Earth News and Living Magazine…Wonderful source of information.  I cannot forget as there is a lot of good information there as well.  There is no way I came up with all of this information on my own!

I didn’t go to medical school, I just found out what I needed to from all of these wonderful sources on my iPhone and reading articles.  I want to help others by sending you to these  wonderful sources. I have other doctor’s and information sites (Universities) I am researching now, but not completely sold on yet.  I will let you know if they help me with my needs.  As long as my family member continues to succeed in his fight against Cancer, Kidney Issues, Cardiovascular Issues, Diabetes Issues and others based upon the information I received from them and applied, I will promote them.

Maybe I pointed someone in a direction that will alleviate some issue that is afflicting them.  Probiotics saved me from much suffering from Migraines that I had endured from a child until I was 47 years old.  While researching diabetes for my family member, I came upon a link that gave me the information I needed, applied, and have not had a headache since, and I went to doctor after doctor to no avail, just simple bacteria in Yogurt…Who would’ve thought? 


“Life is Good”

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