Health & Healing 101

Health & Healing 101





BCR ABL1 LAB Results

Down To 14% From 18%

AS OF JULY 19, 2018


You will have to overlook my rough drawing of Turmeric until I get time to illustrate a better image to represent Turmeric Root.  I am so excited with my family members’ Lab results, even though they are not perfect, progress has been made!  My family members’ WBC’s (White Blood Cells) had progressed from 12.8 on June 28, 2018 to 11.3 on July 19, 2018.

His RBC’s (Red Blood Cells) had digressed to 3.98 from 4.25.  The restaurant put beef livers w/onions instead of chicken livers I ordered, into his lunch that I took to the blood draw.  He had to eat due to being Diabetic so let him eat them, after the blood draw.   I usually keep him away from beef, just like I do grains; as they cause the WBC’s to increase.  We get WBC’s back down as we do not continue the beef/grain eating practice in his diet.  He had another blood draw at the VA the next day, the 20th,  after the beef liver’s incident, his WBC’s progressed upward to 13.93.

The chicken livers do not seem to have this effect upon the white cells.  Someone smarter and more educated than I will have to figure that one out, as I just report what I encounter with my family members’ chemistry.  His RBC’s progressed upward to 4.20 from 3.98 after the beef liver incident by the next day.  My dilemma is an almost moot point dilemma.  If I feed him beef, which assimilates the iron more quickly into the body, the RBC’s go up, but the WBC’s also go up.  

In all of my research, grains and beef are a food source of the cancer.  I have got to find a way to get his RBC’s up without also getting his WBC’s up at the same time.  I have decided, until his next blood draw, to keep the chicken livers on the menu and add Black Strap Molasses in small amounts as I have to consider the Diabetes aspect of the situation. He did go back up from 6.2 to 6.3 on his A1C for the diabetes.  That could be influenced by either over eating or the Imatinib…I will have to watch his portions of food at each meal.  I Have to try to reduce the A1C back down.  

The Iron saturation is my main concern right now.  That is too low.  The VA labs showed 9.5 with his reference 25-50…don’t like that at all!  But, he did have two blood draws in two day’s.  I will wait and work to improve the situation by the next blood draw by adding the Certified Organic, Black Strap Molasses with increased amounts of chicken livers.  I had already increased his Raw Non-Heme Iron to 2 capsules twice per day.  Non-Heme Iron is not as easily accessible by the body as Heme Iron, hence, the Chicken Livers.  I also use Fish, Lamb, and Turkey, but NOT beef or grains!  Limits me a little, but I do not intend to feed the Leukemia’s at all…as a matter of fact, I intend to actually KILL the Leukemia’s!

Overall, his Labs did make the summary that the Labs were abnormal at present, but stable.  Except for the Iron saturation, his labs were not that much off of the reference numbers provided.  I was pleased with his Lab Report progress.  The high’s presented slightly high or the lows presented slightly low to the reference numbers provided on the Oncology Lab Report which is a different Lab than the VA.   His Low’s were CO2 at 21 with the reference at 22-32, HCT 38% with reference range 39-52,  GFR was 40 with reference at >59, RBC’s 3.98 with reference range 4.16-5.83, HGB 12.7 with reference range 13.0-17.4. His high’s were BUN at 27 with reference numbers at 8-24, and Creatinine 1.66 with reference numbers 0.8-1.3, WBC’s 11.3 with reference range 3.6-10.4.  That is the Oncology Lab report…that is it! 

The VA Lab Report from  the next day blood draw, on the 20th of July 2018 from the Primary Care Physician, showed, after eating  the liver w/onions the day before, High WBC’s at 13.93 with reference 4.87-9.47, MCHC 33.8 with reference 31.89-33.53, Neutrophil # at 9.40  with reference at 2.44-6.34, Lymphs # 3.45 with reference at 1.19-2.50, RDW-SD 50.9 with reference 39.92-46.15, Chloride 110 with reference 99-109, Urea Nitrogen 30 with reference 5-23, Creat 1.680 with reference 0.6-1.4, QMIALB was 20.3 with reference 0.5-2.4.  I Suspect the Beef Livers also affected his Kidney’s performance.

The Low’s from the VA Report from the next day blood draw were:  RBC’s 4.20 with reference 4.38-5.43, HGB 13.0 with reference 13.11-16.01, HCT 38.5 with reference 40.53-48.45, Monos %  5.6 with reference 6.78-13.70, Glucose 67 with reference range 74-118, we fed him right after the blood draw, so no worries. His Billirubin, Total was 0.3 with reference range 0.4-2.0, Plasma Iron 38 with reference 54-154, Plasma Iron Saturation 9.5 with reference range 25-50.

Those of you with a medical background remember, this family member has had Carotid Artery Surgery, 5-ByPass Surgery, Stage 3 Kidney Disease, 4 Strokes, Uses 2 Insulin’s for Diabetes and 2 Leukemia’s, CLL and CML…Plus, 4-5 Injections in his eyes from the side effects of the Sprycil (Cancer Drug) that ramped up the Diabetes effects and caused swelling and bleeding behind his eyes as well as the age aspect of seventy-something.  He sits for maybe an hour, then he is up doing something…I try to make him drink a lot of lemon water (no Sweeteners) as it oxygenates the blood to try and assist with the Iron deficiency or Anemia. 

I think he is doing pretty good as he raises a garden, keeps the grass and weeds out of the yard and driveway, mows the grass and weed-eats, takes care of two dogs, and runs errands for me; and, yes, he drives (excellent driver) running all of these errands which are within a mile radius of the house.  He also helps me with a malady of a diagnoses of OsteoArthritis in both hips, bone-on-bone, as worked too much they say, and wore the Cartledge out; but I still take care of all cooking, cleaning, book work, and, I drive the long distances.

 I also use Turmeric and have no pain, except for when a joint turns a little, which is rare.  I use 3 Turmeric Capsules with Breakfast, Lunch, and Supper. Have not had to use pain medication at all.  Each person will have to find their own dosage as everyone’s chemistry is different.  I start with the knowledge that in India, people ingest 2,000 mg per day in their food. I make sure my Turmeric has Black Pepper or piperine in it and it is Certified Organic.  I use Gaia Herbs Extra Strength Turmeric and so does my family member.

Yes, My family member has recovered to 98% of the effects of the 4 strokes. Cognitive is doing great, whereas at one point, he could not even figure out how to put a bolt on a screw and his livelihood, before the strokes, was Industrial Maintenance…he could do anything, plumbing, electrical, hot jobs on anything until the maintenance people got there from the various manufacturers to fix the machines.  He kept them running so as not to lose production.  He can walk faster than I can use my Up-Walker (doctors want to replace both of my hips).  I cannot thank the Good Lord enough for giving me the common sense to research on my own and seek out good doctors, Medical/Alternative to help us. 

“This Is Our Story”

“We Had The Intention Of Helping Someone In Need Of Help”

“I Hope We Did”

“Life Is Good”

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