Essential Oils 101



Black Seed Oil

Nigella Sativa


I discovered this new addition to my Medicine Cabinet as I researched Leukemia.  Black Seed Oil has been used in the Middle East for centuries.   My main research sources are Dr. Richard Becker, DO of Your Health TV and Bionovations Products. He can be found on YouTube as well; is very good (Naturopath), and also very knowledgeable about Medical Drugs; and  are trustworthy and have proven very helpful in my fight to find assistance in the various Health Issues of my family member as well as myself.

I Look for Certified Organic or Pure, no additives, fillers, GMO free as much as possible.  The Purity and Potency your Herbs and Essential Oils have the better.   To make the prices cheaper companies are synthesizing the plant compounds bringing into the product side effects that are not found in the original plant that is of the highest purity and quality.


Black Seed Oil  assists the immune system to fight various ailments due to some chemical compounds that are quite powerful when fighting several illnesses.  We use the recommended dosage on the bottle and for the first time, on the 20th of July 2018, my family members’ cholesterol was great!  Of course, my family members’ diet is the main change that took place in our fight against all of his illnesses.  I had not heard of Black Seed Oil until my research.  Dr Richard Becker, DO, was the first Information I acquired  of Black Seed Oil.

Black Seed Oil Assists The Immune System with these Powerful Chemical Compounds Called Phytochemicals Such As:

  • Thymoquinone – Antioxidant, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-Cancer
  • Thymohydroquinone – AChE Inhibitors
  • Thymol – Monoterpene

Black Seed Oil Assists The Immune System With Various Illnesses Such As:

  • Cardiovascular
  • Tuberculosis, Viruses
  • Germs Known As Super Bugs – MERSA
  • Molds, Yeasts
  • Parkinson Disease
  • Dementia
  • Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Neurodegenerative Problems – Various Kinds
  • Cancer – Various: Breast, Prostate, Brain, To Name A Few
  • Diabetes 1, 2
  • Liver Disease
  • Skin Disease – Eczema
  • Infections – Drug Resistant Strains of P. Aeruginosa – S. Aureus
  • Cholesterol
  • Obesity – Metabolic Disorders
  • Hair Loss – Androgenic – Anti-Inflammatory
  • Blood Pressure Regulation
  • Blood Sugar Regulation
  • Use as a Disinfectant

Safety Precautions:  Avoid Eyes and Mucous Membraines, Check for Allergic Reactions as with anything we use.  Taken Internally watch for side effects of Upset stomach, Vomiting, and in some individuals may increase Seizure Risk.  

These Illnesses listed are just a few of the illnesses that Black Seed Oil Assists with.  In the case of my family member, his Cholesterol , Cardiovascular, Post Stroke, Blood Sugar Regulation, Blood Pressure Regulation have improved since taking.  We have not had any of the side effects listed and we use the dosage recommended on the bottle.  A side effect not listed is sleeplessness, so we do not take at supper time.  Breakfast and Lunch work for us.  Black Seed Oil gives energy, so, we figure that is what causes the sleeplessness.

As with taking any new Herb, Drug, Food, it is always recommended that everyone check with their Medical/Alternative Doctor.  My family member has many doctors and they all know what I use in the alternative and drug arenas.  Dosages are different for everyone due to the chemistry tolerance of the individual as everyone is different.

For a more detailed report, go to the websites I have listed above as my purpose is to point to information that has helped me in my quest to eradicate my family of all disease.  We, as a Family,  acquired the health issues due to ignorance to proper diet and the foods needed to help keep this fine tuned machine (body), that I believe God gave us, properly maintained.  I learned all of this late in life, but not too late, as we are progressing in our fight to repair the damage we did through our ignorance.

“Hope We Helped Someone”

“Life Is Good”






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