Health & Healing 101

Health & Healing 101


Turmeric/Myrrh/Black Seed Oil/Imatinib  300 mg

CLL, CML Leukemia’s

BCR ABL1 (3.3906%) 10/9/18

Down from  (14%) 7/19/18


Well…Well…Well…How do I start?  What a ride for two months!  I have traveled so fast I feel like I have Jet Lag.  My family member went outside and hit his toe causing his toe nail to come off so we go to the foot doctor and they removed the toe nail without problem. We soaked it in Oregano, no infection and it was only being held onto the toe by three areas, it removed easily.  

We were happy with no problems, so we go home and my family member goes outside wearing a Sandal  on the foot that had the toe wrapped and did some weed eating.  The next day three blisters had arisen so we sterilize a pin and puncture and soak in Oregano. If you have a blister, do not puncture or cut the blister skin off as it will heal on its own.  There was no infection, but, to be sure, we went to have a second opinion.

 As my family member is Diabetic the doctors began to look and work like little bees.   In the process of all the tests, AFIB was discovered (Irregular Heart Beat).  Just as we had the same problem with Sprycil, except it took only 3 months for Sprycil to cause swelling and messing with the electrical components of the heart;  It took Imatinib 6 months as swelling was present and a cough had started.  My family member spent 8 days in the Hospital on the Cardiac Floor and they did not know how to handle Turmeric, we removed it until they could do a reset of his body.  His BNP numbers were in the 224 range.  

All Herbs/Medications were removed.  Imatinib was removed for two days before we started adding it back in at 300 mg.  We had to redo everything.  The Myrrh had already been removed earlier as we needed the white cells to help heal the toe and had reduced the Black Seed Oil to 1,000 mg for Breakfast and 1,000 mg for lunch with only one Turmeric 450-475 mg for Breakfast, Lunch and Supper to help protect the Kidney’s and Liver.  We went in through the Emergency Room late evening on 10/09/18 and Blood Work showed on 10/10/18 White Blood Cells were 9.8 with Reference range 3.6-10.4. RBC’s from 11.9 to 12.3 which is amazing as they took so much blood to be tested.

On 11/05/18 his White Cells had reduced to 7.6.  He has a pick in his arm with antibiotics going in every day to protect his toes from uric acid or infection.  They could not tell for sure if it was gout or an infection in the bone of the 4th toe that had no abrasions.  So, I have to input a syringe of antibiotics in his pick every day and he also has to take an antibiotic (white Pill, Bitter) every 8 hours.  They also put him on a little blue heart pill 180 mg ER to defeat the AFIB. Couldn’t stop the Imatinib even if it causes swelling and AFIB because the other Leukemia drugs are much worse.  Also using a low dose of 20 mg furosemide for the swelling caused by the Imatinib.

We have a Home Health Care Nurse that cleans and fixes his pick and takes blood every week which does not help his Anemia or his heart.   He was slipping around eating pork chop biscuits, sausage biscuits, sugared gelatin Orange Slices hidden in his truck that caused the problem with the Uric Acid.  He could not take Allopurinol as it clashed with his medication, so we use 4 cherries every 2 hours to clear it up.

 I would get his toe cleared up from gout and I could not figure out how it would start up again. I knew what I was cooking for him and it would not cause gout.  I chalked it up to maybe his kidney’s weakening.  I kept reducing his protein in his meals and it would clear up, then start up again.  When I found out what he had done, I just about hit the ceiling as we were so close to eradicating the Leukemia’s with zero being in remission and now;  we won’t get to test the BCR ABL1 again until December 2018.

He has had to suffer through the implantation  of the pick, the administration of antibiotics in his pick, as well as the pick hanging on his arm, taking the white pill of antibiotic that is so bitter he almost vomits every time he takes it,  not being able to lift more than 5 lbs and can’t go into his garden or do anything in the yard.   He has paid for those biscuits and sugared gelatin orange slices.  Since I have to double up and carry his work with two hips that they want to replace due to bone on bone, I give him ‘What For’ every time he even goes near anything over 5 lbs to try and help me.  

I remind him that if he was so concerned with helping me he should have started with NOT eating the biscuits and the sugared gelatin orange slices!!!  Then he gets out of my way.  I can hardly go at times and hurt some at night trying to sleep as I have to take a 27 lb up walker every time we go out.  I have to somehow get it down steps to the truck and lifted into the truck, drive to all the doctors appointments, grocery store, Post office, drug store, etc.  Then I have to get all the groceries up the stairs onto the porch and into the kitchen, etc.  By the end of the day, I am exhausted.  I still have to cook properly, bandage his foot, apply his antibiotics in his pick and clean my house.  I sit and marvel at the Grace of God that helps me to get it all done and half-way rest at night.

That Hip Surgery is looking more and more enticing as everywhere I go I run into people who have had it done and are walking around without an up walker.  And, after what he did to get himself into this situation, I am less apt to self-sacrificing attitudes.  I wanted to get him stable before I had the hip surgery.  I believe God can heal anyway He wants to, with or without doctors.  I would prefer without doctors and hospitals involved.  I will try and post again in December when we do his BCR ABl1 again .  I hate posts flying at me  3-4 per week  when I do not have time to read them and do not want to overload my followers with posts overmuch.  I much prefer posts spaced out a bit as I love to read them and keep up and I feel people are as busy as I am.  I want to respect their time.

I still have plans to finish my pond and other plans I have in the works, such as:   my Essential Oils and other headings I have listed.  I just have to have time for it all.  My family member is the most important thing at this moment and pointing others in my place, in the right direction, to give them hope and a future of healing, even though they have to find their own dose of herbs and medication as everyone’s chemistry is different.  With his WBC’s at 7.6 I have hope that we are still on mission to eradicating the Leukemia’s, then fixing his heart…Kidney’s are doing well!


“Life Is Good” 



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