Health & Healing 101

Health & Healing 101




NEW BCR ABL1 (2.29%)

as of DECEMBER 05, 2018


I could barely believe it after 8 days with my family member in the hospital on October 9, 2018  with taking antibiotics through a pick line and orally  as well…WBC’s 7.6 with the BCR ABL1 still showing CML present in the bone marrow, but down from the 3% last time to 2.29%.  Amazing!  Would have presented this before now, but have run around like a chicken with its head cut off, so to speak!  Doctors here, Doctors there, but good ones, which makes everything easier.  


The Diabetes is the problem with my family member more than anything else right now.   Plus, trying to keep my family member on task with his diet is almost impossible!  Very, Very stressful to say the least.   We had a bad incident from the antibiotic for his toe, which all are healed except one toe to which we are still trying to figure out the miracle formula for getting it healed.  The antibiotic blew him up like a bull frog with BNP numbers 198 and sent him to the ER again.  So had to stop that one particular antibiotic which had caution printed in capital letters warning about giving to diabetics. 


He and I were both down before, during, and all the way through New Years’ with that crud, plus coughing.  Coughing, fever and chills pretty well gone by now and back to the big boys, so to speak!   Working on getting the heart running well by addressing the diabetes which is get the diet straightened back out.  Trying to get the swelling down by keeping the feet up, but I have to almost arm wrestle my family member to get him to do that.   When he has his feet raised, down goes the swelling…just getting him to do it is the problem.  Lasex is being used, but we are using a little at a time so we can maintain the kidney’s in good shape and not wipe them out.


All in all, we had a Blessed Christmas and New Year just being as well off as we are and being able to figure out how to defeat each and every obstacle that has been thrown in our path, so to speak!  My family member is still taking Turmeric, but in reduced doses in the amount of two capsules per meal with 1 Black Seed capsule with each meal.  I will only use the Myrrh 1-2 drops if the WBC’s or BCR ABL1 start rising again.  I hope I have pointed someone in the right direction, but cannot give others doses information as each person will have to figure that out by themselves as each persons chemistry is different.  My starting point would begin with the average person in India ingesting 2,000 mg of Turmeric per day in their food.  Then go from there as we added or subtracted based upon his blood work until things began to turn around!  I still like integrated medicine and will work toward proving they can work together to defeat disease!









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