I Need to update everyone on a few things that have happened in 2019!


My family member has been on a roller coaster with other aspects of his health due to NOT watching his blood sugar levels. The diet is the most important thing, especially for diabetic’s.  Making sure their blood sugar is kept in proper control through what is ingested with portion control…These two things are crucial if other health issues are to be  avoided.

With diabetic’s, self control in what they eat and portion control HAS to be accomplished if the Heart, Kidney’s, Brain, Eyes, and appendages are to stay healthy.  This is life and death and not a game.   How to make this interesting is the hardest part of imparting information as diabetic’s do not want to hear any of this as the disease itself seems to call to unhealthy food choices and lack of portion control.

Treating diabetic wounds from a blister on his foot to saving his foot included three hospital stays, one for nine days, then 20 days, then one and one-half days since October of last year.  Antibiotics by the seeming boatload has been taken.  I have had a hard time keeping his liver clean.  Saving the kidney’s and getting the heart and kidney’s to get along with each other instead of being at a perpetual war has been an issue.  

Our program is as follows:  Protein before carbohydrates, with the protein being smaller than the whole plate, as well as carbs in moderation, including fruits.

Sugars:  Sugars from Fruit, Honey and Stevia.  Leave white and artificial sugars alone!

Oils:  Use Organic Coconut Oil, Olive Oil and Butter as primary oils for cooking and eating. Never use Olive Oil with high heat, use Coconut Oil for higher heat.

We use Turmeric, Cod Liver Oil, Black Seed Oil, Oregano, Olive Leaf, Alpha Lipioc Acid, Lemon, Thyme, Resveratrol, Probiotics, Greens Capsules, Milk Thistle and Vitamin C to keep things stable.  These are supplements you need to research for yourself as to dosages and appropriateness for your chemical makeup.  That is what we use to keep my family member stable, plus, smaller amounts of medication.  I believe in integration between both supplements  and medication.

My family member could not take any of his herbs while in the hospital and was on an IV of antibiotics.  Staff at the hospital were wonderful, but is ignorant of how to integrate them.   I think the missing link to my family members health issues were Mycotoxins.

I was aware of them and pushed for Probiotics while in the hospital each time.   When he came home I put him immediately on the Lemon drink I make with Oregano and Thyme to clean his Lymphatic System, Liver and Kidney’s.  I use Milk Thistle twice a day for cleaning the Liver.   Cod Liver Oil and Black Seed Oil  are used for Cholesterol and digestive cleaning.  

Takes about two months to get him back to his energizer bunny state again.  Staying on too many antibiotics can wreck havoc on the body and can even change your DNA.  Always check with your doctor and have them figure out a plan for you.  Everyone has different chemistry and needs to be working in conjunction with their doctor.


Mycotoxins are the by-product of yeast or fungus.  Diabetics are prone to Yeast and fungus.  Most doctors have very little training in that area.  That is the missing link in the American Medical Educational System, in my opinion.   May I suggest:   Know The Cause website with Doug Kaufman for the study on Fungus and Mycotoxins.  Just take a little peek!



“Life Is Good”






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