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September 2019

BCR ABL1 13%


I am very pleased to have good news on several fronts.  My family member has gone from BCR ABL1 30% to 13% in 12 weeks.   We had suspended the Myrrh and was just using the Turmeric at lower doses with just the 300 Imatinib.   He was going up in percentage and got to 32% at one point.  With his visit to his Oncologist he recommended doing something as we did not want to increase his Imatinib due to side effects.  


We decided to increase the Turmeric dosage to 7 capsules with 1-2 drops of Myrrh with the addition of Boswellia (Frankincense) 600 mg capsule.  It worked as 12 weeks later he has reduced his BCR ABL1 to 13%.  WBC’s are 11.  


We are cautiously continuing this regimen until white cells start reducing too much.  We definitely do not want him catching every thing flying around in the germ field, so to speak!  We are still fighting on the Heart and Kidney front keeping the swelling down with his weight.  We go from 1/2 pill to a full pill of Torsemide according to Kidney doctor and Heart doctor instructions.   If he goes up 3 lbs or more, we go with full pill.  If down in weight 1/2 pill.  We try to make sure he is not gaining fat making him go up in weight.


Diabetes is another front that everything else rests upon and is the most crucial to keep under control.  He is down to 7.6 A1C from 7.8 A1C so we are continuing on with the fight against wrong carbs and portions.  This is the hardest to control as the disease itself causes cravings of wrong carbs with the cancer encouraging wrong decisions as glucose is needed to feed the two diseases.  I still believe there is a yeast or fungus component here.  Mycotoxins may be involved but since there are not many doctors in that area with education, we will be in the dark until that area of education is addressed.


Everyone’s chemistry is different.  So dosages that may work for us may not work for you.  We are fighting CLL and CML Leukemia’s and what we are using may not work with other cancers.  I can only give information on what is working with us.  So be cautious and work with your doctor when following the information that works for us.  Our reason for sharing is to point in the direction that works for the CLL and CML he is dealing with in his case and chemistry.


We needed help to find our way to winning against these Leukemia’s and it took a long time to find that information and to cautiously use it in conjunction with doctors that were willing to work with us.  You have to have facts, figures and studies to do that.  Hopefully, we have helped shorten your research time and can help everyone to health again.  If nothing else, learn to eat right and watch those portions!



“Life Is Good”




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