Essential Oils 101

My Cancer Fighters For CLL and CML Leukemia’s

I Believe in Integrated Medicine with Low Doses Of The Drug Being Used and Higher Doses Of The Herbs and Essential Oils Incorporated; Due To Side Effects of The Drug.

This is Based Upon Our Own Experiences with Drugs, Herbs and Essential Oils.

You Have to Change Your Diet to Organic, Small Portions, Stevia instead of Sugar and, stick to it!

Listed below are our Cancer Fighters That We Use With Success.  This is just a direction we took based upon our own chemistry and what is working for us.  Anyone else should find a good Oncologist that works in the Alternative field that will help you.

 Some of the drugs we used that had  detrimental side effects were Spricil and Tasignia.  They did bring the White Cells down but side dffects were swelling and bleeding behind one of my family members eyes.  He is Diabetic and the drug enhanced damage to one of his eyes which almost blinded him in that eye with swelling and bleeding.  Also, he went to the hospital three times almost in Heart Attack mode with BNP numbers rising.

These drugs may not affect you the same way.  I believe in lower doses than what we were given may even work quite well.  I had not researched  everything at that time.  I trusted the Doctors to know all of that.  Doctors can only do what they have been taught.  I think it wise to study and research on your own as well as listen to your doctor.  Show your doctor your research.  Toss it if it is not working.

Here is what we use:  Two drops of Myrrh with Apple Cider Vinegar with the Mother in a Tablespoon Once a Day. We go five days a week and have gone only two days a week before. Myrrh is a resin.  We use the resin without fillers or cut with oils;  Organic. Two 1,000mg capsules  of Black Seed Oil (Used in the Middle East) with Breakfast and Lunch, Seven (450mg) of Gaia brand Turmeric 4 times a day with food. Also added to this group we use Boswella 65% (Frankincense) one 600mg capsule per day with food. There are a lot of brands out there.  Some did not work for us as well as others based upon my family members chemistry.  We always use organic or as close as we can get to it; which is Pure.

My Family Member is having success with change of diet, drug Imatinib 300mg one time a day with the above listed herbs and Essential Oils.  He came down from BCR ABL1 30% to 13% on the Above listing.  We stayed upon that same listing and just came down further to 7.6% from 13%.  That combination of integrated medicine is working with his chemistry.  You will have to work with your doctor to find your remedy.  I am disclosing what we did and how it is working for us.  

Everyone’s chemistry is different and what works for us may not work for you. I had no one showing results to even show me a direction when all of this hit us.  I researched from Dr Richard Becker, Dr Axe, and Doug Kaufman to find out as much as I could about cancer.  I also researched Diabetes, Kidney’s, Heart as well as side effects of drugs.  Knowledge gleaned from Intelligent, experienced people helped me bring all of what we are doing to fruition.


‘You and Your Doctor Must Decide Your Direction’

All I Know Is…

‘Life Is Good’

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